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15.2kW solar kit CSUN 390 XL, SMA Sunny Boy


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This low cost 15.2 kW solar system generates 15210 watts of grid-tied DC power. The solar kit includes 39 CSUN 390 XL model CSUN390-72MH made in the USA solar panels, SMA Sunny Boy inverter, monitoring and rooftop mounting. This is a total system package to make the job easy with engineering and electrical designs, permit plan and safety labels. Up to 25 year manufacturers warranty and UL test certified for long-term performance and confidence. Choose the DIY base kit, or add your options for ground mounting, backup storage battery, EV charging, or full-service installation. Qualifies for tax credits and rebates. Save thousands of dollars on utility bills while doing something good for the Earth.
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: CSUN
  • Wires: (4) x 100' PV wires with MC4 connectors
  • Hardware: Module bonding clamps, rails splices, grounding lugs, wire clips
  • Mounting: Rooftop racks, portrait layout, flush mount (IronRidge or UniRac)
  • Disclaimer: Product specifications are dependent on manufacturer information and are subject to change without notice.
  • Disconnect: Inverter integrated DC disconnect, externalAC disconnect safety switch
  • Monitoring: 24/7 system monitoring Sunny Portal
  • Inverter(s): (2) SMA Sunny Boy inverters SB 7.7
  • Array Weight: 2,262 lbs
  • Roof Anchors: Choose shingle roof flash-foot, universal tile hook, or metal roof base. Other mounts available as needed; additional cost may apply
  • Solar Panels: (39) CSUN 390 watt mono XL solar panel CSUN390-72MH
  • Safety Labels: NEC code compliant site map placard and safety labels
  • Array Dimensions: 819 square feet
  • Design Snow Load: 20 lbs psf
  • Distributed Load: 2.8 lbs psf
  • What is included: Permit-ready plans, lifetime support, solar panels, inverter(s), mounting, monitoring, safety labels, accessories, manufacturer's warranty
  • What is not included: Conduit, electrical wire, circuit breaker(s), junction boxes, sealant, concrete
  • Design Anchor Spacing: 6' span
  • Maximum Power AC (Wp): 13,662 watts AC CEC
  • Maximum Power DC (Wp): 15,210 watts DC; 15.2 kW
  • Design Wind Speed Rating: 110 mph
  • Estimated Power Generated: 1,838 kWh AC monthly average
  • Structural Design Criteria: ASCE 7-10
  • Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V): 240 Volts
  • Maximum System Output Current Imp (A): 64 Amps
  • Minimum Required OCPD Circuit Breaker Rating (A): 80 Amps
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15.2kW solar kit CSUN 390 XL, SMA Sunny Boy

15.2kW solar kit CSUN 390 XL, SMA Sunny Boy


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