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5 kWh Sonnen Eco Smart Battery Storage System, California Model w/No Screen

by Sonnen

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The sonnenBatterie eco 5 is an all-in-one 5 kWh solar battery storage solution and intelligent energy management software that integrates seamlessly with new or existing solar arrays to power your home or business with clean energy. This Sonnen Eco battery storage system has a 5 kWh useable capacity and delivers 3 kWh of continuous power. The sonnenBatterie eco is a complete system that comes ready for connection and includes an inverter, durable battery, intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and the software to operate it all smoothly. This model is the sonnen eco Gen 3.1, white unit, and does not come with a display screen. The SonnenBatterie eco will save you money every day by utilizing energy from your solar PV system or the grid when it is cheapest, and using the stored energy from the battery to power your home when rates are more expensive. In the event of a power outage, the unique power detection system will sense the outage in real-time and automatically switch over to battery power The Sonnen eco energy storage system uses lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, one of the most reliable, safest and longest-lasting storage technologies currently available. LiFePO4 is a popular technology for stationary storage systems due to its uniquely high chemical stability and resulting high reliability, durability and long lifespan. The Sonnen eco stores energy when it is cheap and abundant and uses it to power the home or business when energy is more expensive and less abundant. By better managing energy usage throughout the day. All sonnenBatterie components and systems are UL Listed ensuring safety and performance for your home or business, and backed up by a 10,000 charge cycles or 10-year warranty for peace of mind. Order online or by PHONE 888-498-3331 Applications
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: Sonnen
  • Model: eco 5, Gen 3.1, white unit
  • Warranty: 10 year or 10,000 cycle system warranty – includes inverter, battery modules, cabinet and components
  • Max power: 100 ms - 8.5 KVA, 5 s - 6 KVA, 30 m - 4.5 KVA
  • Ventilation: Forced Air
  • Applications: Self-consumption, Backup power, Time-of-use
  • Manufacturer: Sonnen
  • Cell discharge: 2.5kWh with 90% DoD
  • AC grid voltage: 120/240 VAC (Split phase)
  • Tare losses (W): 60 watts
  • Transfer switch: Automatic, integrated
  • Usable capacity: 2.25 kWh per battery module, up to 8 modules
  • AC Specification: ---------------
  • Nominal frequency: 60 Hz
  • Temperature range: 41 °F - 113 °F
  • Max charge current: 50 A per module
  • Communication ports: Ethernet
  • Inverter efficiency: 92.5% CEC weighted, 95.0% peak
  • Metering capability: Power meter for load and PV production (not revenue grade)
  • EMC / EMI protection: FCC Part 15B
  • Transient protection: IEEE C62.41 Class B
  • Weight (approximate): 394 lbs
  • Battery specification: --------------
  • General specification: ---------------
  • Overcharge protection: MOSFET & Fuse protection
  • Off-grid specification: ---------------
  • DC battery input voltage: 44.5–53.5 VDC
  • Adjustable frequency range: +/- 0.7 Hz from nominal
  • Total capacity (@ 90% DOD): 5 kWh
  • Continuous AC output current: 12.5 A
  • Listed and recognized components: System certified – UL9540; Battery modules – UL1973; Inverter – UL1741; Transfer switch – UL1008; AC Breaker – UL489
  • Communication protocols / Control: SunSpec Alliance / API available to select partners
  • Max AC current (charge/discharge): 1 ms - 50A, 100 ms - 35.35 A, 5 s - 25 A, 30 m - 18.75 A
  • Roundtrip efficiency % (Grid<>Battery): >= 86%
  • Dimensions W”/H”/D” (approximate): 26 x 57 x 19 inches
  • Nominal AC input current (grid-tied operation): 12 amps
  • Nominal power rating (off-grid output at 25 deg C): 3 kWh
  • Nominal power rating (grid-tied output at 25 deg C): 3 kWh
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5 kWh Sonnen Eco Smart Battery Storage System, California Model w/No Screen

5 kWh Sonnen Eco Smart Battery Storage System, California Model w/No Screen

by Sonnen

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