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Array Technologies 15001-1 Single Axis Adjustable Rack

by Array Technologies

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Array Technologies  Single Axis Adjustable Rack - 15001-1 Array Technologies, Single Axis Seasonal Adjustable Rack for 32FT X 62IN Modules, 15001-1 Get More Power in Less Than 60 Seconds Optimize your solar array’s position to follow the sun’s seasonal changes. In seconds you can single-handedly adjust the tilt of the DuraRack AT, maximizing your power production. You’ll increase your power by capturing up to 7% more solar energy.* Array Technologies is the leading manufacturer of active solar tracking systems in the world, with all products manufactured in the USA. Utilities, corporations, small businesses, and homeowners all rely on Array’s cost-effective, reliable and robust solar tracking and racking systems. For many years, Array’s renowned residential products were marketed under the Wattsun brand name. The tradition of excellence continues as the Wattsun products are integrated into Array’s DuraTrack and DuraRack product lines. Features Fast and Easy to Install - A universal mounting system accommodates most modules. DuraTrack high-speed mounting clamps make installation fast. The low-profile design means all work is performed at chest height or lower, so it can be done without climbing up and down a ladder. Sturdy and Reliable - Take advantage of utility-proven technology in a system scaled to your needs. The DuraRack AT uses much of the same technology and many of the same parts as Array Technologies’ utility scale DuraTrack HZ, and is rated to 90 mph wind loading. Low Maintenance - It only takes a few seconds to adjust the tilt angle anywhere from flat to 60° using just a cordless drill. The dry-slide bearings require no lubrication. Just clean your modules regularly to maximize your energy production.
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: Array Technologies
  • Height: 4' to 5' Poles, Plus Half of Panel Height
  • Weight: 280.00 lbs
  • Materials: Corrosion Resistant High-Strength Steel and Anodized Aluminum
  • Technology: Single Axis Adjustable Tracker
  • East to West: 40'-49' Length
  • North to South: Depends on Panel Size
  • Module Attachment: DuraTrack High-Speed Mounting Clamps
  • Modules Supported: Most Commercially Available
  • Typical Dimensions:  
  • Typical Dimensions: 42.00 x 40.00 x 32.00 Feet
  • Allowable Wind Load: IBC 90MPH, 3-Second Gust Exposure C
  • Motion East to West: None
  • Module Configuration: 12-16 Single Standard 60 Cell Modules in Portrait
  • Required Maintenance: Dry-Slide Bearings No Lubrication, Regular Cleaning of Modules Recommended
  • Motion North to South: Manual Adjustable Ball-Screw with Gear Box
  • Racking/Tracking Type: Fixed Rack with Manual Adjustable Tilt
  • Tracking Range East to West: Fixed
  • Tracking Range North to South: 0°-60° Adjustable Tilt
  • Energy Gain vs Fixed-Tilt Rack: Up to 7%, Site Specific
  • Installation On (No Welding Required): 4X4" ID SCH40 Steel Pipe; 1X5" ID SCH40 Steel Pipe
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Array Technologies 15001-1 Single Axis Adjustable Rack

Array Technologies 15001-1 Single Axis Adjustable Rack

by Array Technologies

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