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Cotek SP1000-112 Inverter

by Cotek

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Cotek SP1000-112 Inverter

The Cotek SP1000-112 inverter converts 12 volts DC to 1000 watts and uses pure sine-wave output. Features advanced technology such as wide DC input voltage, wide operation temperature and comes with an output voltage selectable dip switch. Overall, this inverter can be used for many applications and is extremely user friendly.

The Cotek SP1000-112 inverter is E-13 / UL / CE / FCC approved and includes a 2-year warranty! 

Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.65 × 7.87 × 3.27 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Power ON / OFF remote control (Green Terminal)
  • Remote controller CR-8 / CR-16 (optional)
  • Input & Output fully isolation
  • Temperature & Load controlled cooling fan
  • Built in advance microprocessor to provide friendly interface
  • Output frequency 50 / 60 Hz selectable by DIP switch
  • Output voltage DIP switch selectable
  • Adjustable power saving mode by variable resister
  • 3-color LED status indicators
  • Input protection: Reverse Polarity (Fuse) / Under Voltage / Over Voltage
  • Output protection: Short Circuit / Overload / Over Temperature
  • E-13 / UL / CE / FCC approved
  • MPN: SP1000-112
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: Cotek
  • Type: Pure sine wave
  • Watts: 1000W
  • Part No.: 2923507
  • InputVoltage: 12VDC
  • OutputVoltage: 120VAC
  • Size & Weight: 14.65 × 7.87 × 3.27 in7.5 lbs
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Cotek SP1000-112 Inverter

Cotek SP1000-112 Inverter

by Cotek

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