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DPW TPM4-H Top-of-Pole Mount for 4 Type-H Modules

by DPW Solar

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Top-of-Pole solar panel mounts TPM4-H are designed for maximum strength and ease of installation. Their racks are module-specific and not universal, which helps to reduce the number of parts. This simplifies assembly and minimizes assembly errors. The Preformed Line Products (PLP) Top-of-Pole Mount (TPM) is designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting structure for PV modules on a single pole. The module specific design reduces the number of components and provides for an easier assembly. The TPM utilizes high strength welded steel components and corrosion resistant hardware for long term flexibility. Seasonal adjustability for maximizing production is provided by six different tilt-angle settings and is a single person operation.
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: DPW Solar
  • Pole Size: Schedule 40 to 80 Rigid Steel Pipe
  • Technology: Top of Pole Mount
  • Module Size: 38-40" x 77-78"
  • Module Compatibility: 4 x Type H Modules
No reviews yet
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DPW TPM4-H Top-of-Pole Mount for 4 Type-H Modules

DPW TPM4-H Top-of-Pole Mount for 4 Type-H Modules

by DPW Solar

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