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Generac PV Link Substring Optimizer S2501

by Generac

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The Generac PV Link substring optimizer is compatible with REbus DC nanogrid. PV Link is the simple solar optimizer for quick installation and long-lasting performance. Connect 2 to 9 solar panels to each PV Link optimizer to overcome shading and challenging roof lines. PV Link is the perfect solution for residential and commercial rooftop solar arrays. Build asymmetrical strings and reduce rooftop hardware by up to 87%, resulting in robust, high-performance solar arrays. For ground mounted solar installations, PV Link has an extremely high transmission efficiency allowing installers of ground-mounts and solar trackers to run long wire lengths with low line loss. The PV Link S2501 model is ETL-listed to UL-1741, Rapid Shutdown compliant, and provides ground fault protection. Order online or by PHONE 888-498-3331 Product Features
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: Generac
  • Model: S2501
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Topology: Boost converter
  • Enclosure: Type 3R
  • Dimensions: 2 x 15.4 x 9.6 inch
  • Protections: Ground-fault protection
  • Rated power: 2500 W
  • Manufacturer: Generac / Pika Energy
  • Standby power:
  • Certifications: UL 1741; CSA C22.2
  • NEC Compliance: NEC 2014 Compliant
  • Peak efficiency: 99% Peak/CEC
  • Limited warranty: 25 years
  • Max input voltage: 420 VOC; max when cold
  • Remote monitoring: Via REview web dashboard
  • MPPT voltage range: 60-360VDC
  • Max Output Voltage: 420 VOC
  • Max operating temp: 70°C
  • Max output current: 8A
  • Nominal output (REbus): REbus DC nanogrid (380VDC plus data)
  • Max Input Short Circuit Current: 13A
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Generac PV Link Substring Optimizer S2501

Generac PV Link Substring Optimizer S2501

by Generac

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