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Hanwha Q Cells Q.PEAK DUO-G7 325 325w Mono Solar Panel

by Hanwha Q Cells

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Q Cells 325w Mono Solar Panel - Q.Peak DUo-G7 325 QCells, 325W PV Module, MC-4, PV Wire, 32mm Black Frame White back-sheet, BOW, 120 Mono ½ Cells, 20A Fuse, 1000VDC, 292.2 PTC, Q.PEAK DUO-G7 325 The Q.PEAK DUO-G7 is Hanwha QCells monocrystalline solar module with power classes of up to 335 Wp and an excellent efficiency of up to 20.2 %. Q.PEAK DUO-G7 solar modules provide excellent and reliable yields thanks to the new generation of the unrivalled Q.ANTUM DUO solar cell concept, which is now combined with state-of-the-art circuitry and 12-busbar cell design. The black Q.ANTUM DUO half-cells in the Q.PEAK DUO-G7 lend even the most exclusive building a refined look. Our Q CELLS yield security guarantees reliable electricity production over the entire life cycle of your solar installation. Thanks to integrated Q CELLS Anti LID Technology preventing light-induced degradation (LID), which can reduce system performance drastically – or almost totally – the Q.PEAK DUO-G7 eliminates slumps in yield. In contrast, conventional monocrystalline solar modules without Anti LID Technology lose much of their initial power through normal insolation.The Q CELLS Anti LID Technology eliminates light induced degradation (LID), which can greatly reduce system performance, almost completely. Other conventional monocrystalline solar cells will lose much of their initial performance, once exposed to sunlight. With Q.PEAK DUO-G7 this is not the case, thanks to Anti LID Technology. Features Technology - Higher yield per surface area, lower BOS costs, higher power classes, and an efficiency rate of up to 20.2%. Q. ANTUM DUO combines cutting edge cell separation and innovation wiring with Q.ANTUM technology Performance - Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behavior. Long-term yield security with Anti LID and Anti PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q. Reliable - High-tech aluminum alloy frame, certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa) regarding IEC. Inclusive 12-year product warranty and best in class 25-year performance guarantee.
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  • Manufacturer: Hanwha Q Cells
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Hanwha Q Cells Q.PEAK DUO-G7 325 325w Mono Solar Panel

Hanwha Q Cells Q.PEAK DUO-G7 325 325w Mono Solar Panel

by Hanwha Q Cells

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