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IMO FireRaptor Single Rapid Shutdown Unit

by IMO

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The FireRaptor from IMO is an innovative solar panel rapid shutdown solution. The FireRaptor system can shut down your solar panels to zero volts in three ways:
  1. Manual operation with the Emergency Rapid Shutdown Switch
  2. External Power Loss
  3. Temperature Rise Trigger
The FireRaptor operates as an isolator or disconnect switch located on every solar panel. The FireRaptor is compatible with all string inverters and charge controllers and it does not affect their operation or performance. It is efficient, easy to install and operate, and fully compliant with NEC 2014 and NEC 2017 rapid shutdown requirements.

Each FireRaptor can accommodate two solar panels in series, up to 700 watts (350W per panel) or it can be connected to a single panel. Note: If two panel installation is used in accordance with NEC 2017, each panel must be <40V.

Features & Attributes

  • Manual Panel Shutdown to 0V operated from ground level
  • Automatic Panel Shutdown to 0V on External Power Loss
  • Automatic Panel Shutdown to 0V at >85°C (185°F) Temeprature
  • Compliant with NEC 2014 & NEC 2017
  • Suitable for new installations or retrofit
  • MPN: FRS-01
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: IMO
  • Amps:
  • Part No.: 2550556
  • Volts AC:
  • Volts DC:
  • Size & Weight: 13 × 18 × 6.8 in22.5 lbs
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IMO FireRaptor Single Rapid Shutdown Unit

IMO FireRaptor Single Rapid Shutdown Unit

by IMO

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