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MidNite Solar MNE250STS-L E-Panel

by MidNite Solar

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Midnite Solar 250A E-Panel - MNE250STS-L Midnite Solar, E-Panel, 250A, 125VDC, Stretched Gray Steel for Outback Inverter, MNE250STS-L The 120 VAC OutBack Plus E-Panel was designed to provide the additional components necessary to create a code compliant system. This combination is now the standard off-grid and battery backup grid tie system offered by many North American professional Solar installers. Over-current disconnects are an essential part of every RE system. Renewable energy circuit breakers are not normally stocked at your average electrical supply company. These breakers are custom manufactured to ensure systems have the proper protection for the many different AC & DC circuits involved. The Midnite E-Panel integrates high voltage PV input, charge controller outputs, inverter over current protection, DC load circuits, AC input disconnect, AC input/output bypass, AC load circuits, DC-GFP circuit, wind turbine input circuit and hydro input circuits. Traditional electrical supply companies do not stock this type of product, nor the components required to assemble an RE system. Features User Friendly - More Slots: Six din rail and three panel mount breaker slots for PV, Wind, Hydro and AC or DC distribution. Inverter: Inverter battery breaker and inverter cables included. Prewired: AC input/output and bypass assembly pre-wired. Battery Plus bus pre-wired. AC, DC, and PV bus bars installed. Efficient - Compact: Smaller size takes up less wall space. Hardware: Hardware included for inverter, charge controller, wall mounting brackets, remotes gfci’s, DC-GFP’s etc. Safety - Agency Approvals: ETL listed to US and Canadian standards and NEC compliance eases Electrical inspector concerns.
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: MidNite Solar
  • Weight: 38.40 lbs
  • Material: Stretched Gray Steel
  • Dimensions: 18.50 x 11.00 x 28.00 inches
  • Rated Amps: 250 Amps
  • Technology: E-Panel
  • Rated DC Power: 125 VDC
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MidNite Solar MNE250STS-L E-Panel

MidNite Solar MNE250STS-L E-Panel

by MidNite Solar

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