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MT Solar 8-TOP-15-TALL-72 Top of Pole Mount

by MT Solar

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MT Solar Top of Pole Mount - 8-TOP-15-TALL-72 DPW, TPM, Top of Pole Mount Complete Kit, For 15 x 72 Cell Modules, 8-TOP-15-TALL-72 MT Solar's pole mounts are made to bring you safer, easier and more cost-effective installations. Our mounts are designed to be assembled at the waist-level and hoisted as high as necessary from the ground. This eliminates bringing in a crane or scaffolding and minimizes overhead lifting and working from a ladder. The mounts are fully adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees with a simple twist of a crank, again from a ground level. The flexible and modular design of our mounts allows you to stock parts in your warehouse and avoid lengthy lead times. MT Solar's pole mounts work with most Heavy Duty aluminum rails and top clamps on the market. We can provide the rails for you as part of the mount, or you can supply them on your own. Finally, a pole mounting solution that makes sense and money. Features Highlights - Assemble at waist level. Hoist from the ground. Easily adjusts by hand from the ground for seasonal tilt and snow removal. Adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees. Clean and attractive arrays. 15x 60 Cell Modules-Universal Top of Pole Mount Mounts on 8" SCh40 Pipe. Std Eng 105mph Wind, 50 PSF snow. Adjustable 0-90 deg tilt with hand crank. Assemble and wire on ground, raise to position with chain hoist. No need for crane to lift modules.
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: MT Solar
  • Weight: 766.00 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Technology: Top of Pole Mount
  • Module Size Range: 39"-65" x 39-65"
  • Pole Size Diameter: 8" Schedule 40 Steel Pipe
  • Module Compatibility: 15 x 60 Cell Modules
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MT Solar 8-TOP-15-TALL-72 Top of Pole Mount

MT Solar 8-TOP-15-TALL-72 Top of Pole Mount

by MT Solar

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