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OutBack Radian GS4048A-01 4000w Battery Inverter

by OutBack Power

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Outback Power 4000W Battery ROW Inverter - GS4048A-01 OutBack, Radian GS4048A-01 battery inverter, 4000W, 120/240VAC, 60Hz, 50A Transfer, 48VDC, Sinewave, Grid Tied, 5 Yr Warr, 57A Charger, with BTS & dual AC inputs, UL1741-SA (Rule-21), Powered Coated Finish, GS4048A-01 The Radian Series GS8048 Grid/Hybrid (full-flexibility grid-interactive/off-grid) Inverter/Charger is engineered toward one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications. The Radian Series simplifies the configuration, distribution, and implementation of energy storage through a standardized approach when integrated with an OutBack GS Load Center, making it easier than ever to provide successful solutions for virtually any residential, commercial or institutional power requirement. The 120/240V 60Hz split-phase Radian is an 8,000 Watt continuous power solution that seamlessly integrates with traditional North American wiring practices. The models combine pure sine wave power output technology with unsurpassed surge capability to start the most demanding appliances, and are built around a unique dual-power module design which ensures high efficiency in both low and full power operation as well as redundancy in mission-critical applications. Both Grid/Hybrid inverters incorporate OutBack’s FLEXgrid technology for full operational flexibility. Modular system architecture and simplified parallel design support system scaling of up to 10 inverters delivering 80kW (GS8048). System integration and programming are easy with OutBack’s powerful MATE3 Control and HUB Communications Management devices. An advanced, front-vented layout provides optimum cooling in zero-clearance installations (i.e., where units are stacked next to each other). The field serviceable design simplifies maintenance if needed, and firmware updates can be easily made in the field without specialized equipment. Features Improved Load - Grid-interactive and stand-alone capability in the same package. Flexible design for systems from 8 to 80kW. GSLC load center option allows for quick and easy installation. More Power - 8000 Watts of continuous power, respectively. 120/240V split-phase power. Unsurpassed surge capacity. Dual AC inputs. High Reliability - Field serviceable modular design. Built on OutBack's core FX FET board technology -- the industry standard for reliability.
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: OutBack Power
  • Weight: 82.00 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28.00 x 16.00 x 8.70 inches
  • Technology: Battery ROW Inverter
  • Chassis Type: Vented
  • Certifications: Listed to UL1741, CE, IEC-62109-1 ETL, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1, RoHS compliant per directive 2011/65/EU, FCC Class B, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
  • Accessory Ports: Remote Temperature Sensor & MATE3/HUB Communications
  • Idle Consumption: 34W
  • Temperature Range: Rated: -20 to +50°C (Power Derated Above 25°C); Maximum: -40 to 60°C
  • Typical Efficiency: 92.5%
  • Harmonic Distortion: Maximum Total Harmonic: < 5%; Maximum Single Voltage Harmonic: < 2%
  • Non-Volatile Memory: Yes
  • Overload Capability: 100 ms Surge: 8.5 kVA; 5 Seconds: 6.0 kVA; 30 Minutes: 4.5 kVA
  • AC Voltage/Frequency: 120/240VAC, 60Hz (50Hz)
  • DC Input Voltage Range: 40 to 64VDC
  • Maximum Output Current: 1 ms Peak: 50AAC @ 240VAC; 1 ms RMS: 35.35 AAC @ 240VAC
  • CEC Weighted Efficiency: 92.5%
  • Maximum AC Input Current: 50AAC
  • Nominal DC Input Voltage: 48VDC
  • Field Upgradable Firmware: Yes
  • Output Voltage Regulation: ± 2%
  • Grid-Interactive Voltage Range: (L1-N, L2-N) 108 to 132VAC, Default
  • Continuous Battery Charge Output: 57.5ADC
  • Continuous Output Power at 25°C: 4000 VA
  • Grid-Interactive Frequency Range: 59.3 to 60.5Hz
  • AC Input Voltage Range (Adjustable): (L1-N or L2-N) 85 to 140VAC
  • Continuous AC Output CUrrent at 25°C: 16.7AAC
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OutBack Radian GS4048A-01 4000w Battery Inverter

OutBack Radian GS4048A-01 4000w Battery Inverter

by OutBack Power

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