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Primus Windpower Air X Marine 24v 1-ARXM-15-24

by Primus Windpower

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The new improved Air X Marine
In just a few years the AIR X Marine turbine has become the go-to wind turbine among blue water cruisers. More than 18,000 turbines have been sold globally.

More Power:
Power like you've never seen from a battery-charging wind turbine. A new alternator, more advanced airfoil, and state-of-the-art electronics enhance the AIR marine's performance by over 30%.

Quieter Operation:
The AIR marine operates with minimal noise as a result of two important design improvements. The new alternator spins 23% more slowly and our exclusive Auto-Brake™ regulator automatically slows down the blades to a silent spin when the batteries are charged up.

Greater Reliability:
The new body design of the Air X Marine directs the flow of excess heat into the wind. Operating temperature is reduced by 20%. Also tip-to-tower clearance is doubled. You can count on the Air X marine during storm conditions.

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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 × 25 × 9 inches
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Start-up Wind Speed (mph) = 8
  • KWH per month @ 12mph = 30
  • Exclusive sophisticated internal charge controller, externally adjustable for any type of battery
  • Exclusive new Autobrake™ slows the blades to a silent spin when the batteries are charged
  • Marine quality powder coated aluminum body, all stainless steel hardware, marine grade wire, water tight housing
  • Variable pitch, aerolastic, all-carbon fiber blades
  • Brushless permanent magnet alternator
  • Maintenance free - only two moving parts
  • Full Marine Tower Kit available for easy boat mounting.
  • MPN: 1-ARXM-15-24
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: Primus Windpower
  • Watts: 400W
  • Part No.: 4930312
  • Volts(DC): 24VDC
  • Size & Weight: 27 × 25 × 9 in18 lbs
  • Start-up Wind Speed (mph): 8 mph
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Primus Windpower Air X Marine 24v 1-ARXM-15-24

Primus Windpower Air X Marine 24v 1-ARXM-15-24

by Primus Windpower

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