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Solar Carport Mount for 32 Panels

by Preformed

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The MPM-G2 32 panel carport shade structure can hold all size solar panels for up to a 12.8kW PV power system mounted on a single row of vertical pipes. Provides covered parking for four vehicles and includes foundation pipes, cross beam tubes, solar rails, assemblies, connectors, clamps and hardware. Manufactured by Preformed Line Products DPW Solar Mounting, the kit is designed to install quickly and provide a secure structure for solar panel systems anywhere. The module specific design reduces the number of components and provides for easier assembly. The MPM-G2 utilizes high-strength welded steel components and corrosion-resistant hardware for long term reliability. Seasonal tilt adjustability for maximizing production with locking tilt-angle settings. The parking structure qualifies for 30% federal renewable energy tax credit as part of a photovoltaic solar system. (5) Vertical posts, 4" i.d. Sched 40, L=146", hot-dipped galvanized steel(2) Horizontal square mid-tubes, 4"x4"x0.25, L=168", hot-dipped galvanized steel(2) Horizontal square mid-tubes, 4"x4"x0.25, L=138", hot-dipped galvanized steel(16) MPM4 rails(5) MPM Pipe cap for 4" vertical pipe to 4x4 horizontal tube(48) Solar module mid-clamps SS hardware(32) Solar module end-clamps SS hardware(20) Rail ground lugs, WEEBL-8.0-KIT(64) Wire management clips Standard: ASCE 7-10Max Design Wind Speed: 105 mphExposure Category: CMax Ground Snow Load: 0 psfMax Tilt Angle (from horizon): 10 degreesMax Ground FRONT Clearance: 96"Soil Class: 4 4 ROW X 8 COLUMN, LandscapeDimensions: 52’W X 13’D X 12’H (varies by module)Front ground clearance: 96” or 8' above gradeRear Height: 144" or 12' above grade @ 10 degree tilt5 foundation piers, 138” or 11.5' O/c. East-West span, fit one vehicle between posts5 concrete foundations, 41” deep X 36” diameter MODULE SIZE: MAXIMUM MODULE MODULE DIMENSIONS NOT TO EXCEED 1985mm x 1001mm x 50mm
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  • Manufacturer: Preformed
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Solar Carport Mount for 32 Panels

Solar Carport Mount for 32 Panels

by Preformed

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