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Solaria PowerXT-365R-AC 365w Mono Solar Panel w/ IQ+ Micro

by Solaria

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Solaria 365w Mono AC Solar Panel with Microinverter - PowerXT-365R-AC Solaria, AC module, XT-365R with Enphase IQ7+ Micro Inverter, 365W DC, 240V/60Hz AC, 40mm Black Frame with Black Back Sheet, BoB, 332.4 PTC, PowerXT-365R-AC The Solaria PowerXT AC Module combines the latest cutting-edge microinverter technology from Enphase with the premium high-efficiency and superior aesthetics of the Solaria PowerXT Module. Utilizing the latest Enphase IQ7+ platform, the PowerXT AC Module puts aesthetics and performance together into an elegant user-friendly package that reduces installation time by combining the inverter, module and monitoring. Achieving up to 20% efficiency, Solaria PowerXT solar modules are one of the highest power AC modules in the residential solar market. Compared to conventional modules, Solaria PowerXT modules have fewer gaps between the solar cells; this leads to higher power and superior aesthetics. Solaria PowerXT residential modules are manufactured with black backsheet and frames, giving them a striking appearance. Established in 2000, The Solaria Corporation has created one of the industry’s most respected IP portfolios, with over 100 patents encompassing materials, processes, applications,products, manufacturing automation and equipment. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Solaria has developed a technology platform that unlocks the potential of solar energy allowing it to be ubiquitous and universally accessed. Features Higher Efficiency and Power - Solaria PowerXT modules achieve up to 20% efficiency; conventional modules typically achieve between 15 to 17% efficiency. Combined with the Enphase IQ+ microinverter, the Solaria PowerXT AC Module is one of the highest power and most efficient AC modules available. Easy to Install and Smart Grid Ready - The integrated Enphase IQ7+ microinverter reduces installation costs by taking the complexity and guesswork out of designing systems and combining components in the field. It is also compliant with NEC 201&2017 rapid shutdown requirements. Meets CA Rule 21 and complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements. Remotely updates to respond to changing grid requirements and is configurable for varying grid profiles. Superior Aesthetics and Durability - Compared to conventional modules, the Solaria PowerXT AC module has a more uniform appearance and improved aesthetics. Industry leading 25 year warranty with a million hours of microinverter testing.
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  • Manufacturer: Solaria
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Solaria PowerXT-365R-AC 365w Mono Solar Panel w/ IQ+ Micro

Solaria PowerXT-365R-AC 365w Mono Solar Panel w/ IQ+ Micro

by Solaria

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